Tom Bridge, retired chemical engineer

Nigel has been able to help me with a number of periods of transition in my life. I really appreciate Nigel’s coaching which very quickly gets to the essence of the problem so I can set new goals and move forward. He has a warm and authentic coaching style and it’s been a real pleasure to work with him.

September, 2019

Caryn Azemoun, Parent Coach

I’ve been working with Nigel for a while now and it’s been a wonderful experience.  Nigel’s calming, supportive approach gave me courage to express my concerns and fears around the changes going on in my life. Nigel’s compassionate, non-judgmental style allowed me to find choices that fit into my world. With Nigel’s guidance I am moving in the direction of my goals, walking the path I was meant to be on and feeling secure in myself to make those decisions.  Thank you Nigel for all your guidance and support.

July, 2020   

Dianne Wiroll, Personal Development Coach

I love Nigel’s coaching style! He has a natural ease and is a very calm presence. I always feel he’s “on my side” and its easy to see his dedication to his client’s growth is important to him. His patience, deep listening and ability to coach on various topics has been so valuable in our coaching sessions. Nigel is skilled at at seeing the finer details AND the big picture which helps me look at more than one side of a topic or issue. He always provides plenty of space to explore questions and find answers. He’s also very good at catching the nuances of a conversation that may help me see something that opens things up for a positive change.

July, 2020

Rossana Ciminale, Senior HR Leader

Nigel’s expertise, presence and calm are a rare combination in the coaching field. His style impacts and strengthens whoever has the opportunity to collaborate with him. I am grateful for the professional, supportive, nurturing and developing coaching environment Nigel has created which empowered me to face major challenges in my professional and personal life. I would recommend Nigel’s coaching expertise to anyone who is ready for authentic, honest conversations and to work on their true, best version of life.

April, 2020

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