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I spent 35 years in Corporate life as a senior human resources leader and executive coach. I retired when I was 59 years old and like many people, organised my financial plan and looked forward to a life of leisure and fun. The first couple of years went well but one day, sitting in the kitchen on my own – a little voice whispered, ‘so now what?’ And so, from there I decided to ‘retire from retirement’ and find a new purpose in life.

Nigel Evans

I am now a Retirement Transition Coach and partner individuals in finding new meaning in their life. I am a passionate believer in lifelong learning and am currently studying for a degree in Psychology. My mission is to be always present and live in the day. I am a proud husband and father of three children.

What I do..

I coach individuals who are planning to retire or have already recently retired. This phase of life is to be celebrated because it is a wonderful opportunity to know yourself better. It provides you with total freedom to do what you have always dreamed of doing. I can help you discover what this is and partner you to plan how to achieve it.


Certified Professional Retirement Coach
Retirement Coaches Association (Issued June 2020)

Coach U Graduate (CUG) – Advanced Coaching Programme
Coach U Inc. (Issued June 2020)

Nothing can dim the light that shines within

Maya Angelou

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